WER Robotics Programmes

Dr Melissa Butt (Discovery STEM Education Founder) is the UK Chair for World Educational Robotics (www.wer.org.uk). The World Educational Robotics (WER) Programme at Discovery STEM Education provides advanced robotics education and opportunities to access international online and on site collaborative events. The curriculum development team at Discovery STEM Education develop WER teaching resources. 267 teachers from UK schools and STEM organisations attended WER Teacher Training at Discovery STEM Education between 2019 and 2020 to develop their own WER programmes. Email info@discoverystem.org.uk for more information about WER teacher training.

Approved Training – Schedule
Nov-Dec 2020
WER Advanced Programme ( Ages 13 – 16)10:30 to 12:00Booking
WER C202 Programme (Ages 6 – 8)13:30 to 15:00Booking
WER Advanced Programme (Ages 9 – 12)15:15 to 16:45Booking
WER C202 Programme (ages 7-10)17:30 to 18:30Booking
WER Advanced Programme (ages 9-12)16:15 to 17:15Booking
Competition – Schedule
2020 World Educational Robotics UK EventBooking