Terms & Conditions

Discovery STEM Education TERMS & CONDITIONS

The following agreement allows you to know what can be expected from Discovery STEM Education and yourself when you book a place for your child with us. By making a booking with us you are agreeing to our terms and conditions as below. An activity refers to any service provided by us in return for payment by you.


By accepting this agreement we can be assured that you are: at least 18 years old, the legal guardian of the child, or children, you are making the booking for and legally capable of entering binding contracts.


All bookings will be confirmed once full payment has been made. Bookings made where part or no payment is made will be deemed as pending and no place can be reserved. Once full payment has been made the booking will be confirmed. Bookings for an After School Course can only be accepted if the child being booked on is currently a registered pupil at the school concerned.

We accept payment by Paypal. If we cannot accept your booking for any reason we will be sure to refund you in full as soon as possible. Children must be the age stipulated for the day they are attending.


If you need to cancel your booking with us then please let us know by email as soon as possible: info@discoverystem.org.uk . As we can only take a limited number of children, cancellations can mean that other children have missed out on a space, and can also affect our staffing levels.

The following charges will therefore apply:

Within 7 days of the start of a scheduled activity or where the booking is for a block of activities, no refund will be given.

7 to 21 days before the day you have booked you will receive a 50% refund.

3+ weeks before an activity starts you will receive the full refund less any booking fee.

In extreme and very unfortunate circumstances we may need to cancel an activity or block of activities. In this situation we will do our best to give at least 14 days notice and you will be refunded the full amount for the days cancelled. Refunds will be made via the same method of payment you used whilst booking.


The cost of our activities we provide will be displayed clearly on our website.

If there is a clear error in the displayed prices on our website or any marketing material please let us know.

We unfortunately will not be able to provide you with our services at this incorrect rate and you will be asked to pay the difference to fully confirm your booking.


We always make sure that our website and advertising reflects our activity programme. However, inevitably, the availability of certain activities is dependent on the weather, venues and other circumstances outside of our control. We will do our best to inform parents of any restrictions or changes.


Ensuring the safety and care of all children on activity with us is a fundamental priority, and this includes a thorough, on-going risk assessment process for all activities. By accepting this agreement you give consent to your child taking part in a variety of activities, as stated on our website, and that participating in any of wear, warm and sensible clothing along with a light and suitable rucksack for snacks and packed lunch as needed.


You agree to observe our site speed limit of 5mph


We take photos and video footage of activities. These may be used in promotional materials and also sent to you. Please let us know if you would not like photography of any kind to be taken.


When dropping off your child each morning you will be asked to give the names of the children you are dropping off. If the person collecting is different to the person that dropped off, then their name must have been provided to us by the person dropping off and a photpgraphic form of identity may be requested.

We cannot provide cover for late pickups. If a child is not collected at the scheduled end of an activity we reserve the right to refuse further bookings. We may also apply late pickup charges equivalent to the pro-rata cost of the activity + £15


We need to know the requirements of our children so that we can provide the best possible service and care for them.To enable us to do this please ensure that you provide us with all the information we need (Medical Records, Behavioural Records, details of any medication taken, learning difficulties, special needs, etc.). Failure to provide this information may result in the child’s exclusion from certain activities. No refund will be offered in this case. If we deem your child too ill to attend, especially where we feel their illness may be contagious, we reserve the right to send them home or cancel their booking.

Children should wear sunscreen in the Summer. Please let us know if your child might have any reaction to using sunscreen.


In the event of an accident a staff member will administer first aid and, if necessary, call the emergency services.For those prescribed an adrenaline auto-injector (i.e. Emerade, EpiPen, Jext), please ensure you note this on the booking form. In accordance with government healthcare recommendations, your child should have access to more than one device on activities. Parents must meet the Lead First Aider on arrival to discuss your child’s allergies and medication administration.Please do not bring nut containing foods where packed lunches are required for whole day activities. All essential medication, including all adrenaline auto-injectors, must be handed in to the lead first aider each morning for checking and for the appropriate form to be completed. Adrenaline auto-injectors, once checked in, will be lookedafter by your child’s Group Leader so that they are with your child at all times.

If any medication is not clearly labelled with the child’s name or is out of date then your child will not be able to stay until the correct medication is handed in to us.


We hold both Employer’s and Public liability insurance. We do not accept any liability for personal injury or sickness, or the death of any person, unless directly caused by the proven negligence of the company or its staff. We can not take responsibility for the loss or damage of any items of personal property brought. Our insurance does not cover personal items. We encourage all parents and guardians to have appropriate insurance in place for personal injury, personal possessions and booking insurance with regard to their child’s attendance on one of our activities.


If a child’s behaviour begins to impede the enjoyment and or safety of other children on an activity, this will not be tolerated. Any negative behaviour, e.g. bullying, aggression or disruption, will be dealt with according to our teacher training schedule. Children displaying these behaviours repeatedly may be excluded from activities and/or camps. No refund will be given for the day of exclusion and any further days booked.


Please do not allow your children to bring expensive belongings to camp, for example any electronics. Please ensure that those items children do bring to camp are clearly labelled with the child’s full name. We encourage parents and guardians to check their child’s belongings at collection each day. We accept no liability for loss or damage to any property belonging to a child, guardian or staff member.


Our aims are to provide the highest quality educational activities. Your feedback can really help us to do this so please email us with any thoughts. We take complaints seriously and these are always referred to senior staff members. Please inform us as soon as possible of any concerns so that we can follow them up immediately. If you have complaint please direct it towards Dr Melissa Butt.


Please email us at info@discoverystem.org.uk or write to us at Discovery STEM Education, Kelham Island Museum, Alma Street, Sheffield S3 8RY


All notices given by you should be done so via email or post. All notices given by us will be done so via our website, email or via the postal address you provide when booking.